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5th Avenue & Franklin Street Intersection Temporary Closure

The intersection at 5th Avenue and Franklin Street will be closed 24 hours a day, seven days a week, until early July. Full intersection closures allow crews to safely complete work in the street and help mitigate longer-term traffic and parking impacts. 

Sidewalks and access to businesses will be maintained at all times. People traveling through the area should use the following detour: 

The closure is the first of three intersection closures as part of this project. Others include:

  • 4th Avenue and Franklin Street as soon as late summer
  • State Avenue and Franklin Street as soon as early fall

During the closure, the following construction activities will occur: 

  • Demolition, roadway trenching and backfilling 
  • Storm drainage work 
  • Electrical installations 
  • Roadway restoration 

New Water Main and Water Service Installations
As part of this project, a new water main and water service lines will be installed. These improvements will increase the resiliency of the City's drinking water system. This work includes digging in the street and sidewalks, removing old pipes, connecting new pipes, and temporarily patching the work area. 

Upcoming water main and service work: 

Franklin Street between 5th and 4th Avenues 

  • Water quality and pressure testing 
  • Water service connections and renewals
  • Temporary water shutoffs are needed to safely complete this work. Affected businesses and residents will be notified in advance.

Our Commitment to Being a Good Neighbor 
Keeping you informed and minimizing impacts are our top priorities. During construction, we're committed to working closely with project neighbors and will: 

  • Be available for questions
  • Provide advance notice about construction through email updates and other promotions
  • Ensure project signage is clear and effective to encourage safety and caution near active work zones 
  • Maintain access to businesses 

What to Expect During Construction
Typical construction hours are weekdays, between 7 a.m. and 6 p.m., with occasional weekend and night work. We will communicate with businesses, residents, customers, and commuters who may be affected and provide advance notification and detour information, as needed.

Potential impacts during construction include:

  • Noise, vibration, dust, and debris
  • Driveway closures
  • Street and/or lane closures
  • Water shutoffs during water main and trenching work; affected residents and businesses will be notified at least two days in advance by our Public Works Department
  • Large machinery and truck activity
  • Construction staging and parking impacts near the construction sites
  • Crosswalk and sidewalk closures, and detours for people walking and biking


Franklin Street Improvement Outreach Team
Construction hotline: 360.216.7720

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