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Linger Boutique Opens in Downtown Olympia

Female-founded business redefines the shopping experience for intimacy and sexual wellness.

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Located in Market Centre, across from the Olympia Farmers Market, the boutique is comfortably situated near Olympia’s waterfront and complimentary retailers.


Set Your Compass for September 2-4 for Olympia Harbor Days Festival 2022

The South Sound Maritime Heritage Association (SSMHA) is on course with the planning and presentation of Olympia Harbor Days Festival 2022.

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The South Sound Maritime Heritage Association (SSMHA) is on course with the planning and presentation of Olympia Harbor Days Festival 2022.  This is a full-scale return of the 49-year-old tugboat festival, Labor Day weekend starting Friday, September 2nd at 5 PM and closing Sunday, September 4th at 6 PM.  The festival will take place along Olympia’s Downtown Waterfront Boardwalk from historic Percival Landing to the Port of Olympia’s Port Plaza Park, according to SSMHA President Dave Peeler.  This event marks the return of Puget Sound’s vintage tugboats and historic ships to Budd Inlet.

Finding a good meeting place in Olympia

Olympia has several great spots to meet and mingle, you just have to know where to look.

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As we move out of the phase where everything was taking place remotely we may not return to a traditional 40-hour, behind-a-desk work week but in-person meetings are occasionally a necessity. These are a great way to touch base, build morale, compare notes, and generally keep business flowing. Rentable space is also handy for nonprofits, groups, and charitable organizations prepping for an event or families scheduling long overdue weddings, reunions, birthdays, and anniversaries.

At the 24th Annual Meeting, the Olympia Downtown Alliance Honored Downtown Champions

Including 'Co-Persons of the Year,' Sara and Nate Reilly from Three Magnets Brewing and Chris Knudson from Well 80 Brewing

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The Olympia Downtown Alliance held its 24th Annual Meeting at the Heritage Room on Monday, March 21, 2022. 

The audience heard from Alliance Board President Todd Monohon of Olympic Rentals, Alliance Executive Director Todd Cutts, Carrie Whisler from Olympia Federal Savings, and Cheryl Selby, City of Olympia Mayor. The evening included a review of 2021 and a look forward to 2022's program of work.

Volunteers Needed for April 16 Downtown Cleanup Effort

Volunteers will have the opportunity to participate in a refresh of landscaping, streetscape maintenance (sweeping, trash removal, cleaning, etc.), and painting, working with the LoveOly Painters program on a predetermined paint project.

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For more information on how to sponsor LoveOly CleanUps and get your business's logo on the back of the freshly rebranded t-shirts, contact Desiree Freeland, Olympia Downtown Alliance Downtown Projects Manager at 360.507.8598 or by emailing by March 28. *limited availability