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Get to Know Dave Sederberg
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Get to Know Dave Sederberg

The artist behind Downtown Olympia's Holiday Tree Art Installation

Dave Sederberg is well known throughout the Puget Sound region as the owner and the lead AV designer of Pacific Stage. Pacific Stage has provided professional sound and lighting production for over 25 years. Outside of audio design, Dave has been working in the visual arts for over 30 years. He is an award-winning painter & sculptor. His work has been featured and sold in national and international exhibitions from New York to LA. His work has been featured in the Bellevue Art Museum, Palm Springs Desert Museum, Beverly Hills “Affair in the Gardens,” the Amsterdam Whitney Gallery in NYC/Chelsea and the Florida State University Combined Talents International Exhibition.

Earlier this year, Todd Cutts, Executive Director of the Olympia Downtown Alliance, asked Dave if he would take the lead on creating a holiday art installation to display during Downtown for the Holidays – a month-long celebration. They brainstormed ideas, and after considering variations of style, installation challenges, timeline, budget and community sensibilities, they decided to go with Holiday Trees.

The community responded well to Dave’s Glowhenge installation earlier and several art installations he managed during LoveOly Summer Fest. So, he created glowing holiday trees, which are now on display throughout downtown Olympia. Five trees are specifically designed for each awning location at 5th and Washington.

“I did include a very subtle tribute to diversity and unity. The trees are primarily white and green, but each has ¼” dividing stripes. One tree has the classic red stripes for Christmas. One tree has blue stripes for Hanukkah. One tree has red and black stripes for Kwanza, one tree has salmon/orange colored stripes for our Native community, and the last has yellow stripes to honor our Asian community,” said Dave.

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