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Why I Go Downtown: By Ryan DiCrescenzo

Olympia Resident Ryan DiCrescenzo Visits Downtown Cafe Octapas

I’m generally the type of person who doesn’t go out to eat that often. Being a former cook and amateur farmer, I am naturally suited for a domestic lifestyle. Yet, even a homebody like me had been feeling pushed to the limit after a full year of quarantine. My family has ordered our share of take-out, but going out had been off my radar until my wife suggested having drinks and appetizers on a patio for my birthday on the first day of Spring.

Our decision was made pretty quickly. Octapas and the people behind it have impressed me for years since its first opening on Fourth Avenue. The restaurant industry is not for the timid, and the owners Jamie Bradshaw and Rick Mullins are anything but that. During the height of the pandemic, they decided to move from their 4th Ave location to the former Water Street Café space. Moving from what was a small kitchen to a high capacity, full-range kitchen has surely been a challenge, but from looking at the menu, they are taking it head-on. Ox-tail, oysters, Angus N.Y. Strip, salmon, and an array of craft cocktails are just a few of the enticing creations they now offer Downtown patrons.

My wife and I enjoyed sitting alone for the first time in months, but we were comforted further by the well-heated patio and the Baked Oysters Special. Served in a lovely miso stock, the tomato, chive, and roe topping made for a rich and balanced experience. We continued with a Moroccan Beet Salad and Crab Cakes. Both dishes were well executed, and stood on their own, but were perfect as accompaniments. If you get the chance, stop by and see what Octapas has to offer.

*Story Courtesy Ryan DiCrescenzo, founder of Le Voyeur Café and Olympia Downtown Alliance Board Member.

*Photos Courtesy Octapas Cafe 


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