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Live Music Downtown You Won't Want to Miss!

Come Downtown for a Live Show!

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Olympia is full of talented musicians, and there are plenty of places to enjoy live music downtown. "There are so many venues in Olympia that have a great reputation, and you can find high-quality live music about four to five nights in Olympia, which is remarkable,” says Ryan DiCrescenzo, the original founder of Le Voyeur Cafe and Lounge.

Olympia Responds to Urban Housing Demand & More

An update on street and housing developments Downtown Olympia

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When Mike Reid, economic development director for the City of Olympia, speaks to a group about new housing projects downtown – the question most folks ask is, "Where are all the people going to come from to live in these beautiful new buildings?" To answer that question, he breaks out his heat maps to show how Olympia has dense employment levels downtown, but not dense housing levels. He explains that nationally and regionally, both young workers and retiring boomers want to live a more urban lifestyle that includes living where they work, which is driving the development of new market-rate housing Downtown Olympia. Leasing often begins before construction breaks ground.

Who is the twinkliest of them all? Vote for your favorite light display!

Twinklefest Lights up the City with a Festive Look

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Twinklefest is a feeling, an experience. When the rainy, cloudy weather greets our holidays, Twinklefest lights up the city with a festive look and feel that equals “happy”! You’ll see an array of lighted displays and themes and no two are alike. It is a great evening walking experience, too. Enjoy dinner at one of the many fabulous restaurants, grab a cup of cocoa or a frosty drink and saunter through a wonderland of lights. From the Capitol Campus to the Farmers Market, from the ice rink at Capitol Lake to the food trucks on Plum and 4th. Eat, drink, shop local, and make merry while celebrating the holiday season. Vote for your favorite display at and enter to win over $100 in gift certificates from downtown businesses

Kick-off Your Holiday Season Downtown!

Our weekend lineup includes Get Outside Friday, Small Business Saturday and Downtown for the Holidays Sunday!

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Have family visiting from out of town, or are you just looking for some activities to fill the holiday weekend? Kick-off the holidays by coming downtown and exploring all the activities Oly has to offer. Enough is happening to book your weekend solid! Come downtown and celebrate with us!