Downtown Living

Imagine a lifestyle where your morning commute to work is a 5-block walk.  You might be interested in fortifying yourself for the day ahead with a cup of locally roasted coffee.   Forget the sack lunch, you’ve got dozens of lunch options within a few blocks.  At the end of the day, meet your friends and unwind with a locally sourced brew or a craft cocktail at your pick of any number of Downtown bars or brewpubs. Then it’s off to dinner to sample one of Downtown’s delicious dining experiences.  To cap it all off, hustle back with your friends to your residence’s balcony to catch an amazing sunset sparkling off the Budd Inlet. 

That was just Friday. What does the weekend hold in store? Shopping at the Olympia Farmer's Market? A stroll on the waterfront? Perusing our local shops? A live show at one of our various performing arts venues?

It's all just a few steps away.

This is living.

This is living in Downtown.

This is living in Downtown Olympia.