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School Supplies Fund Drive is On!

We all need a little hope and positive news in our lives. Help make some with The Little Red Schoolhouse Project and KXXO AUGUST 14th!

"Difficulties are made to be overcome." - Agatha Christie (The theme of this year's Little Red Schoolhouse drive!)

Yes, we are in a difficult time; we're ALL facing huge challenges and one of the biggest is facing our kids going back to school.

There is so much we don't know.  Will kids be in school in-person? At home learning? A combination of the two? 

One thing we do know is the need for school supplies, pencils, markers, paper, notebooks and calculators is not going away. Students will be needing essential supplies wherever and however school happens this fall.  We also know there are many, many families who cannot afford to buy them.

The Little Red Schoolhouse (LRS) Project has been collecting and distributing school supplies to kids for over 25 years and KXXO and our sponsors have been proud to be a part of raising money for them each year. Usually we do this by broadcasting live on the corner of State & Washington in downtown Olympia. We have a ton of volunteers standing on the street corner as people bring donations of cash and supplies.  We can't do that this year. So, do we just give up?

Absolutely NOT!  Here's what we're doing instead. We're going to do the fundraiser on-the-air on 96.1 FM and LIVEstream it on Facebook Friday, August 14 6am-6pm. Through the visual wizardry of Cabin Lights Studios ( you can watch live and see not only the announcers entertaining and asking for money but also three LIVE bands performing to benefit the LRS drive in the Cabin Lights Studios next door to the station. See it at

We'll have a safe and secure outdoor drive-up donation box for change, cash and checks courtesy of our neighbor Zeigler’s Welding ( 100% or what is raised will go directly to buy supplies to kids "returning to learning." It will be just off the left lane of the intersection at State and Washington Streets under the bright KXXO Mixx 96.1 tent.  (Our whole neighborhood in wonderful Downtown Olympia getting involved!)

As our Engineer Tim Vik, says, "We're going to have a lot of fun!"  The livestream will add a new dimension to the fund drive, allowing you to hear what's going on and SEE what everyone is doing, with a running total displayed throughout the drive. Heritage Bank will match the first $2500 donated! Donate and see your donation double! Althauser Rayan Abbarno and Capital Heating and Cooling will match further donations. Donations allow for buying supplies in bulk and help make sure kids can go back to school (in whatever form it takes) with pride! We'll be dancing along to the music, and with your help celebrating how our community helps kids!

Can’t donate August 14? Go to and make a secure PayPal donation right now! Just get out your credit or debit card and push the Donate button! 100% of what is received in donations will go to the Little Red Schoolhouse Project (in some cases with online donations institutions involved may deduct a small credit card or transaction fee).

Don't want to donate online?  We'll also have some wonderful Little Red Schoolhouse volunteers taking your donations by phone at 360-943-9696.

If you wish to order supplies, calculators, backpacks or an inexpensive tablet online rather than make a cash donation, you may have anything delivered to the Little Red Schoolhouse c/o KXXO, 119 Washington St. NE, Olympia, WA 98501 and we will get it to LRS right away!

Downtown Olympia Businesses? Want to record a message of support? You can get involved and get some good publicity for your business. If you can, DONATE online at  and we will recognize you on the air August 14th!  If you can't donate, you can still record a message of support urging others to help.  It's FREE and it doesn't have to be complicated. 

Sample: "Hi, I'm ___ from _____ (your business) urging you to help get school supplies to children in our community by supporting The Little Red Schoolhouse Project. Listen Friday August 14th and call in a donation or go to KXXO dot com and donate!"

We will air your message before and during the drive, keeping your name in our listeners’ ears and minds. It costs nothing and you will be helping kids in our community. Contact your regular sales representative, call us at 360-943-9937, or email to arrange a time to record your message via phone or Zoom!

LRS Supplies Distribution will be through school districts this year.

Unfortunately, the Little Red Schoolhouse Project will not be able to have a Distribution Day with a resource fair this year as they have in the past (over 3,000 students in need received supplies and 150 volunteer took part last year!). Instead, the group is working with the various school districts in Thurston County to distribute supplies to students in need through the systems the schools have already set up for serving students in need.  The supplies we gather and the supplies purchased in bulk will all be delivered to Komachin Middle School and LRS's intrepid volunteers will sort and allocate the supplies, which will then be picked up by the school districts.

We all need a little hope and positive news in our lives.  Help make some with The Little Red Schoolhouse Project and KXXO AUGUST 14th!

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