Donate to the Broken Window Fund

Support our community’s downtown by making a tax-deductible contribution to the Alliance.

Broken Window Fund Guidelines

  • 100% of donated funds will go towards reimbursement of business or property owners who have had their windows broken. Funds will be assigned a separate accounting class and not co-mingled with other Downtown Alliance funds.
  • Eligible businesses include all downtown businesses and property owners. Membership in the Downtown Alliance is not a requirement to receive funds.
  • This program will be funded by donations. Should the fund be exhausted, the Downtown Alliance may not be able to reimburse business or property owners for broken windows.
  • Businesses or property owners must provide documentation of the cost of window repair or the insurance deductible paid in order to be reimbursed. The Alliance will reimburse the business or property owner, not directly pay the vendor that replaced the window or the insurance company. If the business or property owner seeks reimbursement for the direct cost of window repair, they must self-certify that they will not also be reimbursed by insurance or other parties.
  • Requests for reimbursement must occur within one month of damage and window repair, as noted on documentation referenced above.
  • In the case that reimbursement requests outstrip available financial resources, a subset of the Olympia Downtown Alliance’s Design Committee, charged with supporting quality aesthetics and design in our downtown, will be charged with selection of eligible recipients and determining reimbursement amounts.
  • Eligible businesses/property owners must be within the Alliance’s boundaries referenced in organizational bylaws: “The primary focus area of the downtown district will be defined by Capitol Campus on the south, Capital Lake on the west, Puget Sound on the north, and Eastside Street on the east.”
  • Business/property owners may inquire about the program by emailing